Healthy food

Healthy food allows keeping neat figure, keeps a body sharp, improves immunity, and prevents appearance and development of many diseases. Realization of this fact constantly increases the amount of healthy food followers, but, unfortunately, their concept of healthy diet is not always correct.

Healthy food – some rules

Surely, everybody knows that vegetables and fruit are useful and convenience meat products are harmful, but sellers’ and manufacturers’ market-speaks misguide while choosing goods. Indeed, a lot of products positioned as healthy food are not that kind in reality. Actually, one should know and observe only several simple rules for sensible nutrition, developed by the World Health Organization:

  • consume at least 400 grams of green goods, vegetables and fruit (except potatoes) daily;
  • include eggs-and-bacon and seed goods into the diet;
  • limit sugar intake up to 50 grams per day, approximately 12 teaspoons;
  • essential fats can be obtained from fish, avocado, nuts and vegetable oil (except palm and coconut ones);
  • remove fat from meat, then steam, bake or boil this meat;
  • avoid prepared food, pies and cookie;
  • Consume less than 5 grams of salt or 7 grams of iodized salt.

It seems an easy task to follow these rules, but a majority part of products in the shop windows can’t be called healthy. None of unit packages says that the good contains too much salt, sugar or doubtful flavouring agents. On the contrary, manufacturers convince us in benefits of these goods. Even buying vegetables and fruit, one cannot be assured in their healthiness. What should we do without having either a garden, vegetable plot or time to cook? You can find out the answer to this question at Smart Food & Geek Garden exhibition, dedicated to healthy food and related innovations. Here you will get the information about actual healthy diet that none website provides.

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