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Results of Smart Food & Geek Garden: 3 days of tasty innovations

On November 4-6, 2016, Sokolniki ECC hosted the first exhibition on high tech cropping and cooking - Smart Food & Geek Garden. Experts discussed topical issues of the food industry and agriculture during the industry conference, while attendees took part in master classes and enjoyed a spectacular molecular show.

Useful reports for business owners

The event started with a business day that included B2B conference Smart Food & Digital Farm. Experts with years of experience made presentations on high technologies in food, and restaurant industries, as well as in agriculture:

  • Skolkovo representative Nadezhda Dolmatova told the audience about innovations in the agriculture.

  • Alexey Trubnikov and Evgeniy Bagryantsev reviewed interesting cases of precision farming.

  • Skype conversation with a speaker from South Africa Andrei Rozanov diversified the conference: expert told about precision agriculture in South African region.

  • Dmitri Evstigneev revealed the advantages of robotic waiters and demonstrated their capabilities.

  • Attendees learned about the food industry technologies of the future from Michael Weisman and Victoria Tibo. They discussed mobile applications, 3D food printers and methods of food quality diagnostics.

  • The conference was concluded by a lively report of Igor Troyanskiy, dedicated to the challenges of livestock breeding and ways of addressing the issues with the help of high tech wireless devices.

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  • Mihail Vaisman
    Mihail Vaisman Trinity Digital

    About the speech: the audience showed interest, however not so many questions were asked. We were pleased with the conference facilitator as she was asking questions when the audience was silent.
    I would like to note that the combination of Food and Robots exhibitions was not a good idea. We had no idea where we had to go and where the organizers were. First, my colleague Daria entered a completely different room supposing that the conference will be held there (she was told so at the reception). A lot of time was lost this way. 
    The overall impression is positive.

  • Denis Kalyshkin
    Denis Kalyshkin I2BF Global Ventures

    I will be glad to attend the event next year. 
    Feedback: not bad for the first-time event, but I hope to see more exhibitors and interesting projects next year. In general, it is preferable to schedule a business program for a weekday, as nobody feels like spending a day-off working. This year, particularly inconvenient date was chosen (November 4), because if I have 3 or 4 days-off I try to travel somewhere. Just by force of circumstances I did not go anywhere, therefore, I was able to attend the event.
    As for the pitch session, I liked it more than at RoboticsEXPO, classic version + more interesting projects. Keep it up!

  • Alexey Trubnikov
    Alexey Trubnikov ООО "Agrokultura"

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Next time we need more visitors

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