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Earlier, greenhouses were associated only with country houses, where a large construction could be built on a private parcel of land, allowing the owner to grow whatever he wants.

At present, people are often getting interested in agriculture having no opportunity to buy land, where they could make their dream come true – grow natural products with their own hands. Engineers noticed it long ago and invented a kind of a mini greenhouse, called grow box.

Grow box – operating principle

Grow box is a hermetically sealed system intended for growing plants. The main idea is that a grow box provides specific conditions that enable plants to successfully grow and produce crops. At the same time, it requires minimum actions. It resembles a small garden with the maximally autonomous set of options. It is an ideal solution for those who want to receive the desired natural yield quickly and simply. Grow box will be useful not only to people living in a big city and dreaming of their own vegetable patch but also to people wishing to eat natural products throughout the year. Grow box is easy to maintain, does not require much time for maintenance, and will ensure growing your favourite green onion straight in the flat.

Growbox – readymade solutions

The idea of grow boxes emerged in Moscow quite a long time ago, but modern high-tech technologies allowed enhancing the device concept to excellence. Currently, you can buy grow boxes of various sizes in Moscow – from home versions to manufacturing facilities. The device became the backbone of many agricultural farms and botanic gardens, which require maintaining the growth of plants the whole year round.

If you are one of those people longing to grow a tree or at least some dill or beetroots, or you are just dreaming of enjoying fresh vegetables even in the severe winter, you definitely need a grow box. Grow box is a readymade solution for making your dream to grow something straight at your home come true.

grow box

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