Geek Garden

Fresh, just picked from the garden bed vegetables and greens available at your table the whole year round – doesn’t it sound nice? Today not only people living at south latitudes can afford that, as far as now one can grow a garden even in the center of metropolis. 

Geek garden is a place where plants are cultivated in special grow boxes. Thanks to special sensors the system is capable of caring about seedlings: it gives out the required amount of water, light and nutrients. You can plant vegetables and forget about them until time comes to gather harvest.

All gardening devices are adapted to the house conditions. They are compact, can be placed on a window sill, between window frames or wall-mounted. 

There are three main types of grow boxes. In the first type vegetables are planted into the soil – just as in an ordinary garden.The simplest variants represent boxes with composted fertilizer and sowed seeds or spawn. More complicated devices represent containers that analyze soil composition and provide the required amount of water and nutrients. 

In the second type of grow boxes vegetables are cultivated by means of hydroponics. Soil is not needed: roots are supplied with nutrients in the form of solution. The process is almost fully automated: all you need to do is to refill the stock of fertilizer solution in time, and the system will take care of its proportioning by itself. It makes gardening maximally stable and efficient. 

The third type of grow boxes uses the method of aeroponics. In such devices roots dangle in the air, and nutrients are supplied in the form of spray. Thus, environmental pollution caused by depredators is eliminated. You get healthy plants far more quickly than in traditional farming. 

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