Home hydroponics

A growing number of greenhouses are switching to hydroponic gardening. This method is also optimal for growing plants at home. Let’s investigate how you can gather a rich crop without a single patch of land.

Home hydroponics: advantages

Hydroponics is a soilless method of growing plants. Its advantages were evaluated in dryland countries long ago: 80% of all vegetables and fruits are grown by this method in Israel, UAE, and Kuwait.

You can get the maximum rich harvest on the minimum land area using hydroponics. For the same reason, home hydroponics is an ideal solution for a small garden in your own flat.

Advantages of hydroponic gardening at home:

  • Plants grow fast;
  • There is a possibility to control their nutritional level;
  • It is simple to get rid of plant pests;
  • Stable and heavy yield is achieved: the plant root system develops poorly, and all nutrients go for the growth of yield.

How home hydroponics works

Despite the common name, hydroponic systems can be set up in different ways. In the simplest versions, the nutrients are supplied to plant roots through wicks or kernels (wick system), or roots are constantly submerged in water (floating platform system).

More advanced versions include intermittent watering systems and nutrient film technique. The irrigation system is arranged using pumps and a timer: nutrient solution feeds the roots at a specific time, and returns to the main reservoir afterwards.

Almost in all cases, a special growing medium (for example, coco substrate or clay pellets) is used instead of soil. It allows fixing the plant in a required position. Any of the chosen substrates must hold the moisture well and must not change the chemical makeup of the nutrient solution.

Trouble-free home hydroponics

You will find many recommendations on growing plants hydroponically on the Internet. Experts advise on the periodicity of changing the solution, required volume of light, temperature conditions, moisture level and ventilation rate. 

But what if you don’t want to sort it all out and moreover to build the system with your own hands? What if you just want to grow ecologically clean vegetables, berries, and fruits without any troubles?

Grow boxes are an excellent solution. These high-tech systems can almost completely rule out your partaking as a gardener. They can adjust temperature, irrigation frequency and light intensity according to the chosen program of growing. Many of them can be operated remotely via a smartphone. You will just have to put seeds in the container and change the solution once every few days – you will be reminded when it should be done.

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