Mini garden

Nowadays, a home mini garden has become a hobby rather than necessity. And this hobby is directly related with healthy lifestyle that is so popular now. Cultivation of do-it-yourself mini garden is a guarantee of the fact that you will consume products without chemicals, pesticides and other harmful substances. But what to do if you don’t have your own land property or it is located far from home? There is a way out: to create a mini garden.

Do-it-yourself mini garden

Let’s start from the fact that we are primarily interested in: what agricultures can be cultivated without leaving home? The answer is simple: almost any depending on the physical dimension of your garden.

You should start easy – green vegetables. We always want to have around a batch of fresh parsley or dill, and it is already here. Besides, a mini garden on the window sill will gratify us in winter and doesn’t require special care.

Vegetables are a serious level for home cultivation. But if you throw balls to the wall, you will be able to harvest potatoes, pepper, tomatoes or cucumbers very soon.

If your mini garden is designed for esthetical purposes, an exotic plant will be a perfect choice. You can easily grow lemons, pine-apples, kiwi and other exotic fruit.

Equip mini garden

If you have a clear vision of all ideas for a home garden, you should thoroughly study the information about crops in order to find out what they require during growing.

First of all, you should choose a container, depending on the plant size that, will allow to implement ideas for a mini garden. Then, you should fill drainage in it and fill everything with black soil. By the way, solid with all necessary elements for better crop should be bought only in specialized shops. Do not forget about choosing the place where you will put your small garden. It should be well-lit, thus it is recommended to place the garden on the west or south of the house.

It's becoming clear that the mini garden creation is not a difficult task. You should just take into account several rules and very soon you will be able to harvest your first crop. Those wishing to learn how and what can be grown at home.

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