Growing mushrooms at home

Nowadays it is not hard to grow something at home. The Internet offers many ways of growing agricultural crops straight on your balcony. But today we will talk about growing mushrooms at home.

Preparations to growing mushrooms at home

Firstly, the conditions needed for mushrooms to start growing should be described. When growing mushrooms at home the most important thing is humidity, a lot of humidity. Approximately 90-95% will be the ideal humidity level to obtain the first yield really quickly. Thus, growing mushrooms on the window-sill is questionable, as it is hardly possible to maintain such conditions in the flat and to live there. If you live in the apartment house, the only remedy is to create a microclimate on the balcony or to buy a special device for growing plants – a grow box. The implementation of the whole idea depends only on your proficiency as an agronomist and physicist. So growing mushrooms does not always resemble working in the garden. If you live in a separate house, you might have a cellar, which is an ideal place for growing mushrooms. Humidity level is always high there.

Be careful when growing mushrooms

An important warning – your plan on growing mushrooms must include the item related to safety. The point is that mushrooms spread spores when ripen, which represent a strong allergen. In a closed space, it can badly influence your respiratory system and even cause asthma. Experienced mushroom growers say that mushrooms begin to throw out spores only after they fully ripen and start rotting. So if you gather your crop in time, your lungs will be safe.

If you are interested in growing mushrooms in Moscow, there are many Internet websites where experienced mushroom growers share secrets of obtaining a quick and rich yield. Many of them created farms for growing mushrooms and even built businesses in this sphere.

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