Detox program

All of a sudden everyone started talking about them several years ago. While some mass media were publishing detox menus for the readers to be able to use them at home, others claimed that there was nothing useful in them. The issue has become less obscure since then. Let’s investigate what detox means and where to try a detox program in Russia.

How detox programs work?

Detoxification represents hunger cure programs for clearing the body from toxins. Usually, the minimum term of such diets comprises 5-7 days, rarely - several weeks.

During this time you have to make a full revision of your menu: refuse from sweets, starchy foods, fat, dairy products (leave alone alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes). Besides that, detox is the time of increased physical activity: walking, cycling, swimming, Yoga is recommended.

Currently, detox programs are not viewed as a panacea. It is not advised to keep to them for a long time. Nevertheless, the majority of those who used detox programs talk about the health improvement, good skin condition, boost of vigour and feeling of lightness. It seems that it is worth putting up with a diet for several days for the sake of these perks.

Detox program: what’s on the menu?

The choice of a program depends on your will power and health condition. The most strong-willed people experiment with hunger, drinking only water or vegetable water. If you are viscerally ready to such an extreme challenge, consult the doctor – such kind of a diet can be contraindicated for health reasons.

More widely used and safer are the detox programs involving fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies. Their daily consumption is restricted in some cases. We are not talking about packaged juices, only freshly squeezed or specially prepared juices are recommended.

Where to undergo a detox program in Moscow

To undergo a detox program, you don’t need to leave Russia for a remote and expensive retreat. Today many companies offer readymade detox menus for 3, 5 and 7 days with home delivery. Unfortunately, such opportunity is available only to the citizens of Moscow and several other big cities. The rest will be able to undergo the detox program remotely, personally taking care of the daily menu.

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