Yuriy Martirosian tells about necessary aeroponics popularization in Russia

03.10.2016 Yuriy Martirosian tells about necessary aeroponics popularization in Russia

Yuriy Martirosian, Director of aeroponic cropping technologies group at All-Russian Research and Development Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, will speak within the round table at Smart Food & Geek Garden conference. We asked him what objectives one had managed to reach in the aeroponic implementation process in Russia and why it was so strategically important. Further on behalf of the speaker.

Unfortunately, aeroponic cropping technologies are not as popular in Russia as desired. Until 2010, our aeroponic technologies and equipment were primarily used for scientific-research goals. Consumers include agricultural schools, universities, and higher education establishments.

However, nowadays there are serious upheavals: within the previous year, several Russian regions have established large aeroponic complexes for cropping potatoes and leaf vegetables.

Aeroponics popularization is one of top targets of our activity:

  • In 2010, we established the large potato seed production complex in Pavlovsky Posad (the Moscow Region). We are cropping 18 thousand revitalized potato plants on 1500 sq.m. territory to obtain seed grains called mini tubers.
  • In 2015, we established 500 sq.m. complex for fresh greenery production in Odintsovsky District (the Moscow Region).
  • Nowadays, our aeroponic equipment operates in 39 territorial entities of the Russian Federation, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. Private farmers use our equipment for reproduction of grapes, medical plants, and lily bulbs.

Aeroponics promotion is strategically important for the future agriculture. No other technology is able to reproduce any planting material so fast and quality.

A lot of cultures, well-known breeds of potato, wild strawberry, decorative crops require periodic recovery and getting rid of viruses. Aeroponic cropping perfectly copes with this task.

Aeroponics helps cultures to breed rapidly. So it is a resource saving technology as well.

Finally, aeroponics is a good research tool for genetic scientists and plant breeders: they can work the whole year round, modeling any cropping conditions.

Even today, aeroponic equipment allows to obtain wonderful rich greenery throughout the year: both for own consumption and for restaurant business.

November 18 at Smart Food & Geek Garden conference, I will tell about other areas where one can apply aeroponic technologies, whether goods produced in such a way are harmful or useful, as well as how to make cropping equipment on your own. 

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