Seaweed chocolate for tasting in Vladivostok

04.07.2017 Seaweed chocolate for tasting in Vladivostok

Representatives from the School of Biomedicine of Far Eastern Federal University have managed to create a unique laminaria chocolate. A ready-to-use product has an ordinary chocolate dessert flavour, and is nutritious and useful due to seaweed additives.

The secret of chocolate uniqueness lies in its cooking method – it is made of ingredients’ microparticles. Due to that useful seaweed vitamins and minerals are quickly digested in an organism, while their taste is hardly felt.

According to one of the project authors Elena Dobrynina, an innovative technology of chocolate cooking enables bioactive elements of a product to reach body systems in a quick and easy way. Thus, nanochocolate is not only a very tasty dessert, but an excellent way to replenish microelements necessary for wellbeing.

In the future, the product is going to be made of Far Eastern wild herbs and other useful sea products.

Today scientists are improving the cooking technology of such an unusual dessert and are getting ready for their invention’s patenting process.

Specialists of the School of Biomedicine are working on the development of different food based on sea hydrobionts. They also take part in a Kelp project focused on the inclusion of laminaria into daily ration.

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