Russia is launching an agriculture robotization program

12.07.2017 Russia is launching an agriculture robotization program

Cognitive Technologies and the Ural Federal University in Russia (UrFU) are planning to launch the Ural Cognitive Agro program of robots and AI inclusion into the agriculture of Russian Federation.

Its aim is to improve the country agricultural sector by the innovative technologies integration.

The work will involve companies’ inner specialists, foreign experts, as well as students and graduates of the UrFU. The program will be operating until 2022. During this time, managers expect to train more than two thousand specialists in the most important agricultural sectors: robotics and AI.

Today, the difference between Germany and Russian Federation in work performance and agriculture is 300%, in favor of the former. This gap is planned to be removed by 2022 in the course of the program.

There will be three million RUB invested in the Ural Cognitive Agro, 800 million of which would be participants’ own funds. The authors are predicting that in the future it will bring a profit of 20 or even 30 bn RUB.

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