Healthy fast food restaurants Surf'n'Fries to be opened in Russia

22.08.2016 Healthy fast food restaurants Surf'n'Fries to be opened in Russia

Croatian company Surf'n'Fries is planning to enter the domestic fast food market till the end of the year. It will be running a franchise business in our country. Agreements for the opening of four restaurants in Moscow and its region are already signed. Surf'n'Fries is planning to open 100 outlets throughout the country.

The main thing that differentiates Surf'n'Fries from rivals is the patented technology of cooking potatoes. To be more exact, there are two of them. The first one uses a special oil composition that generates a minimum of harmful substances. And the second technology does not use oil at all. Thus, Surf'n'Fries can be called the first ‘healthy fast food’.

The first Surf'n'Fries restaurant was opened in 2009. Currently, the chain includes 50 outlets in 16 countries. Company offers three kinds of franchises: a restaurant, an island and a mobile bar. Franchisees pay royalty, lump sum and monthly marketing fees.

Chief Development Officer at Surf'n'Fries Philip Ivchenko believes that it’s a good time for entering the Russian market. Owing to the crisis, people choose inexpensive locations (the average bill in Surf'n'Fries does not exceed RUB 300). Special potato recipe, which represents the core of the menu, is unique in its kind, and the maintenance of the outlet won’t require lots of personnel.

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