City farmers to appear in Russia by 2020

29.08.2016 City farmers to appear in Russia by 2020

Such forecast was made by the authors of the Atlas of emerging jobs from Skolkovo centre. They predict that 57 professions will become a thing of the past before 2030. At the same time 186 new jobs will appear. For instance, there will be no need for lecturers, seamstresses and lift operators but with cultivation technologies being changed professions of city farmers and GMO farmers will be in demand.

However, city farmers are to appear even earlier – by 2020. They will outfit and maintain agro-industrial facilities on their rooftops of skyscrapers and in city vertical farms. The first vertical farm was opened in Singapore in 2012 and at least five countries are building such farms in their cities.

Roof farms are very common in the USA but not in Russia. It is likely that the situation will change by 2020. Although there is little time left. 

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