Gadget Studio IT restaurant opened in Moscow

02.06.2017 Gadget Studio IT restaurant opened in Moscow

Gadget Studio, a restaurant with a great amount of gadgets and technologies, was opened in Moscow.

The establishment is equipped with 24 cameras, some of which are in the kitchen so that customers could monitor cooking processes.

The  restaurant will offer menus on tablets soon. They will be even able to recognize visitors who have already attended the establishment. All tables in the restaurant zone will have wireless charging for mobile devices. Moreover, there is a 10% discount per one order for those abandoning their broken or old gadgets.

Gadget Studio is divided into four spaces: the restaurant, lecture hall, show room for gadgets, and lounge zone for networking. Besides, one should not pay rent for using the lounge zone. You can just open a deposit account for one thousand rubles that can be easily used to pay for orders in the restaurant.

The next Gadget Studio establishment will be opened in Kazakhstan. One is going to put up around 200 million rubles in network development. n, owners will provide franchise.

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