MIT develops AI-based food computer

16.06.2017 MIT develops AI-based food computer

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a personal food computer: the AI algorithm able to analyze climate characteristics in greenhouses in order to create the best possible conditions for growing certain products.

Due to climate changes and frequent cataclysms, it is more and more difficult to grow crops naturally. MIT’s development is designed to solve this issue. A digital greenhouse allows to eliminate the climatic factor and reduce the amount of wasted resources for product delivery. Now, instead of bringing avocado from Mexico in Russia, one can grow it right in Moscow, recreating Mexican climate in the greenhouse.

Within a growth cycle of one plant, the AI algorithm can monitor approximately 3 million parameters. The machine learning method analyzes these data and finds the best combination of climate factors. The new technology will allow everyone interested in home gardening to obtain corresponding “climate recipes”.

MIT develops AI-based food computer

The personal food computer consists of:

  • sensors;
  • computer vision systems;
  • automatic control devices.

Initially, the system examines environment and then recreates appropriate growth conditions for certain cultivations, selecting the best lighting, amount of salts and minerals for watering etc.

Previous year, Sentient Company specializing in AI technologies joint MIT researchers. Their efficient cooperation resulted in the Food Server able to recreate various climate conditions for growing certain products.

Scientists believe that their solution will allow to control plant tastes, disease resistance and other significant aspects. It is important that research is conducted openly: all food computer data are freely available on the institute resource. Following the guide, everyone having minimum technical knowledge and skills will be able to establish a digital greenhouse and grow any product, even avocado.

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