Smart fridge will tell you about spoilt products

14.06.2016 Smart fridge will tell you about spoilt products

Smart fridge was invented by scientists of South Korea Institute of Science and Technology. It has an embedded laser system, which can detect spoilt products with great accuracy.

Key constituents of the fridge are laser, which produces light, and photographic camera, which makes 30 pictures a second. It works quite simply: if the camera records moving spots at the instant of flashes, it means that pathogenic microorganisms have begun to multiply in products. With the help of this system it will become possible to detect dangerous collibacillus or salmonella.

To test the fridge, scientists used a chicken infected with coliform bacilli. Fridge scanner could define which chicken parts were infected and what was the concentration of bacteria. But even such device cannot guarantee full protection: for instance, it cannot detect Norovirus (it does not respond to laser).

This new technology has a huge potential. Developers hope that laser scanners will be used in all household refrigerators in the nearest future.

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