Smart cooker Tasty One Top tells when to flip the meat

28.07.2017 Smart cooker Tasty One Top tells when to flip the meat

BuzzFeed's cooking brand, Tasty, developed a smart Tasty one Top induction cooker to tell you how to prepare any dish.

The cooktop offers a special app connecting it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app includes 1700 different cooking recipes. However, these are not regular recipes. If you select a specific recipe, the application automatically selects a required temperature for each stage of cooking. Besides, it’ll you when to flip a piece of meat.

Temperature sensor is located on the cooker to indicate a temperature of pot or frying pan. In addition, you can keep track of inner temperature of meal by sticking a special sensor into the meat or dipping it into the soup.

Cost of the smart top is $149. But since it is an induction cooktop, it requires a special kitchenware available for additional cost. In this case, a set of smart cooktop, 2 pans and a frying pan are $184.


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