MIT scientists created flat macaroni gaining in size when dipped in water

13.06.2017 MIT scientists created flat macaroni gaining in size when dipped in water

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology learnt to make flat food which becomes three-dimensional in the process of preparation.

They developed two-dimensional food sheets from starch and gelatin. When dipped in water, these sheets turn into macaroni of various shapes. It is interesting that such food can be modelled in advance, at the stage of production.

One of the project authors Wen Vang said that he was inspired by the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” where the main heroine Rey turned powder and water into edible bread. The inventor found the idea of changing the product’s shape with water interesting. He decided to bring it to life.

Together with Lining Yao Vang created food sheets from gelatin and starch.

The product’s structure allows it to come in shape only when exposed to water. The form varies: scientists learnt to create pasta shaped as flower buds, saddles, etc.

Flat pasta is very useful because it takes much less space than traditional macaroni kept in big packets with a lot of air. In such a way, the invention will allow them to decrease transportation delays substantially and free space in the warehouse where groceries are stored. Besides, food transformation under the influence of moisture makes the process of food preparation and eating more exciting.

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