Smart agro technology. What is it?

29.06.2017 Smart agro technology. What is it?

Advanced technology has become a part of our life. They are coming into all spheres of our lives, including agriculture. Now this sector differs significantly from the one 50 years ago. But there are innovations that haven’t become ubiquitous yet. It's about smart agro technology.

In fact, smart agro is a system for growing plants, which simulates all natural processes: temperature, humidity, illumination, etc. The purpose of this technology is to create an imitation of a natural ecosystem in any environment, where human participation for crops cultivation would not be required.

Smart agro systems require a number of technical innovations: we need devices that work on the basis of Big Data, plant status sensors, devices for timely watering and much more.

As an example of smart agro, one can name special cartridges, which contain seeds and minerals. Most often, such devices require only adding water, and after that the seeds will germinate. But there are also more complicated analogues: they are already called smart agro farms. These systems are worth a lot of money, but bring much more harvest. They already include all necessary devices that provide autonomous crop growth.

On the one hand, smart agro technologies solve the problem of shortage of land suitable for cultivation (which is especially important for large cities). But on the other hand, vegetables and greens grown in this way are significantly more expensive than those grown by the traditional methods.

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