AutoPot systems: simple automation for irrigation

16.01.2017 AutoPot systems: simple automation for irrigation

Using AutoPot systems is an easy way to fully automate the irrigation process.

They operate due to water pressure. The design does not imply using pumps, thus electric power is not consumed. Ordinary water or nutrient solution can be used for irrigation.

AutoPot system types:

  1. Easy2Grow

Each module of this system consists of two pots with a capacity of 8.5 liters. Special accessories allow you to connect several modules. It is recommended to use coconut flakes as a substrate. The system is perfect for beginners.

  1. 1Pot

This modular system consists of a special irrigation 1Pot tray and a 15 liters container. Individual water supply to each plant allows to provide optimal growth conditions. Coconut substrate may also be used in place of a soil.

  1. Aquabox Straight and Aquabox Spyder

These two systems are similar and both are placed right into the soil. They can be used on garden beds or for flower boxes. They represent a wide capillary strap connected with an irrigation container.

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