Future agricultural trends. Expert opinion

03.07.2017 Future agricultural trends. Expert opinion

Roman Kulikov, the head of the agrobiotechnology department at Skolkovo Foundation, talked about future trends in the healthy diet and agricultural sector.

According to him, the forecast for the Russian agriculture development up to 2030 made by the National Research University - Higher School of Economics includes creating conditions for organic plant cultivation. This kind of plants won’t contain genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones and other chemical substances, which are frequently applied in the agricultural sector now.

Future agricultural trends. Expert opinion

Roman Kulikov said that personal diet would be the next healthy living trend.

He suggests that there will be the following concept: one will take cheek scraping or blood sample in order to conduct a deep analysis. The analysis results will specify products that are not recommended to consume. And then, one should make a list of required food components.

Roman also mentioned biosurfactants, substances that recover the contaminated ground. He believes that one should establish production of these compounds in Russia. Moreover, we do have all necessary components and technologies. One will be able to create them of mill offals and straw. Adding of this ecologically friendly stuff while seeding will allow to reduce toxicological impacts on the ground.

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