Garden robot will come to mass production

06.12.2016 Garden robot will come to mass production

American Joe Jones who has developed a vacuum-cleaning robot for iRobot company is going to present the world his new invention: Tertill garden robot. It will be released in a mass production next year. One will be able to buy it for $250.

Tertill construction is quite easy: the battery is charged by solar cell. It cuts the weeds with a string trimmer. The robot moves using four wheels.

Finding the weed, robot activates trimmer. Tertill can’t distinguish useful plants from weeds and simply removes all plants penetrated through its clearance, i.e. everything higher than 3 centimeter. Thus, it is reasonable to use this robot only after seeding until seedlings grow. Built-in sensors allow robot to avoid fences and high plants.

Prior to the production launch, Joe Jones is going to add another two options to Tertill: ability to transmit data about soil constitution and ability to scare away birds and animals, harming seeding.

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