Useful tips: how to serve up tasty food on Instagram

18.08.2016 Useful tips: how to serve up tasty food on Instagram

Thoroughly selected digital content allows increasing the number of subscribers, who are virtually the potential customers, and thus – increasing sales. Owners of restaurants, bars, candy stores, chefs and private cookery experts actively use this strategy. Having armed themselves with Instagram tools, where, as it is commonly known, food is worshiped, they promote their services, turning into food bloggers. And what else is needed for proper and non-intrusive advertising? That’s right – stylists and photographers. Some people master these skills on their own, and others engage professionals.

One would think, what is so difficult about making food photos and posting them in a blog? But, if you look at pages of some luxury restaurants, you won’t feel like visiting them. And it’s all because these restaurants look like simple hash houses in the photos.

And in order to make decent food photos, you need to choose the lighting, scenery, and the most important thing – composition idea. Generally speaking, the art of food photography is as complicated as the art of working with models. And this skill has its own life hacks, which are revealed below.

16 tips on how to photograph and sell food on Instagram making it look yummy

  1. Choose maximum natural lighting. One source of soft light will be sufficient to make your food look appetizing. But border lights or any other strong light can make your dish look like plastics. To avoid heavy shadows, you can use a reflector.
  2. Use a high-quality soft box for light scattering. When the weather is bad outside and you have to shoot in a studio or with a flash, good equipment allows making great photos.
  3. Experiment with camera angles. Some dishes look nice at one angle, and for other dishes shooting at the same angle is unacceptable.
  4. Cook an additional dish for emergency. Food shooting cannot last for a long time, as any dish loses its external beautiful appearance rather quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to cook a ‘test’ dish, which can be used for experiments with lighting and choice of composition. And when everything is ready, you are welcome to shoot your main dish.
  5. Highlight the texture of products and their peculiarities. A good photo can convey the complexity of each ingredient’s flavour.
  6. Make photos with your institution in the background. Let your Instagram photo to become an invitation to attend your café or restaurant and enjoy the fabulous taste of the dish depicted on the photo.
  7. Don’t forget about clean dishes, tablecloth, etc. When making food photos, it is important to be very scrupulous, as an insufficiently washed dirt spot on a plate will become a spot on the reputation of your institution. Fractures, flaws, crumbs, sauce drops and other accidental imperfections should be eliminated, except for the cases when such deficiencies are part of the photo’s concept.
  8. Make separate photos of dish ingredients. If there is no possibility to make an aesthetically pleasing dish photo, you can take macro photographs or shoot an appetizing ingredients’ still-life.
  9. Play with decorations. And any ordinary dish might look like a special delicatesse.
  10. Make small portions. Not every meal will look attractively if you put too much of it on a plate. It will be better to make the portion smaller and to take care about aesthetics. Specialists even advise leaving empty space on a plate to make customer focus on the dish itself.
  11. Show the process of cooking the dish. It will allow increasing loyalty and trust among customers.
  12. Take photos of your visitors sitting at the tables. People like watching other people’s lives. And if they see happy visitors of the restaurant, who are gladly tasting chef's specialities, they will feel like visiting your restaurant and tapping into this feast of life.
  13. Show the interior of your institution on the photo. Such a virtual excursion will undoubtedly attract new visitors.
  14. Publish relevant content related to specific circumstances. For example, if it is snowing heavily in the street, publish a photo, where you serve hot cocoa with warm buns. And there will be an influx of visitors.
  15. Provide an opportunity to order food from your institution without undue efforts. Users do not like going to other websites, filling in special forms, looking for managers’ contacts and calling them. They prefer to leave their phone number and to wait for a call back to make an order. Those who understand that, have thousands of loyal and happy customers.
  16. Communicate with your visitors and potential customers. Comments under the photo – are a great thing. And in order to maintain the interest in your institution, you should answer them. Feedback makes the basis of any business promotion, and not only restaurant business.

Summarizing everything that was mentioned above, we can say that the main task of Instagram account is not to show that there is a wide choice of dishes and a glamorous interior in your institution, but to encourage a customer to try a daintily served dish, plunge into a special atmosphere and feel himself like a dear and welcome guest.

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