Panasonic has presented the futuristic kitchen

07.11.2016 Panasonic has presented the futuristic kitchen

Panasonic has demonstrated their vision on the future kitchen. At their CEATEC 2016 exhibition booth, visitors could appreciate working prototypes of smart kitchen gadgets.

Sliding glass panels of the smart kitchen may turn into full displays if the owner decides so. The horizontal surface is not just a table, but an innovative cooker. The food is cooked on the special type of plates, and it is enough just to put the cover on top of them. The metal rim of the cover makes the contact with the plate surface and the food will start heating up. The rest of the space remains cool.

The glass door of the mini bar is a touch screen display as well. By choosing an option, the owner will be able to easily adjust the temperature and humidity. Also, the screen will display the list of all the bottles inside. While choosing a dish, you will be advised on a suitable drink.

To check the work of all gadgets you can watch this video:

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