McDonald's launches app for food ordering

18.11.2016 McDonald's launches app for food ordering

Fast food chain McDonald's is on the final stage of the development of its mobile application. It will allow users to order and pay for food remotely without staying in the queue. After coming to the restaurant, all you will need is to take your order and enjoy it.

A lot of fast food chains already have similar applications. According to Slash Gear, among them are Taco Bell and Dunkin' Donuts. Two years ago McDonald's tried to implement its own application, but it was inconvenient and had problems with payment system. After ordering, the customer received a QR code that must be scanned for further payment. In a new version of the application this disadvantage shall be rectified.

Before a large scale launch of the application, the company is planning to test it in several American restaurants. Only then it will be available within the whole territory of the USA. It is planned that in 2017 payment via the application will be available in 25 000 McDonald's restaurants throughout the USA, Europe and Australia. When the service will be launch in Russia is unknown.

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