Molecular gastronomy workshop at exhibition Smart Food & Geek Garden 2016

25.10.2016 Molecular gastronomy workshop at exhibition Smart Food & Geek Garden 2016

On November 5-6, as part of the exhibition of high tech cropping and cooking Smart Food & Geek Garden 2016 there will be workshops on molecular gastronomy from Moleculares shop.

Molecular gastronomy is a new direction, unknown for many people yet, located in the borderland between science and culinary art. It is reflected in the cook’s workplace, which looks like a symbiosis of laboratory and kitchen. Molecular experiments can help to advance taste, change the form and serving of known dishes and invent absolutely new combinations of products.

Workshops will be held under the guidance of chef Maria Reznor. Using her own examples, she will demonstrate that food can be delicious and useful at the same time. Maximum number of people in a group is limited to 8.

Skills obtained at workshops will allow you to gladden yourself and your relatives with unusual, tasty and useful dishes.

On the first day there will be the following menu at the workshop:

  • Sangria with fizzy watermelon noisette and melon foam.
  • Yoghurt spheres with strawberry essence.
  • Lemon sorbet.

Menu of the second day:

  • Melon sangria with fizzy berries.
  • Blue cheese with caviar made from honey and rooibos.
  • Sorbet from hibiscus and cardamom.

Would you like to attend both workshops at Smart Food & Geek Garden 2016? Buy a ticket on the website:

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