Marine BioEnergy – underwater elevators for growing biofuel

05.09.2017 Marine BioEnergy – underwater elevators for growing biofuel

The Marine BioEnergy project includes underwater robotic elevators that will help grow enough algae for alternative fuel production.

A complex system of tubes acts as an elevator, for the algae to rise closer to the sunlight and sink back. The device is attached to the robotized control vessels.

This cultivation method is more effective, since it makes increasing farming areas possible. Under normal circumstances, algae grow closer to the shore in order to have access to light. With an automated elevator, developers are planning to establish a network on the water surface from California to Hawaii.

The startup initiators believe that with enough gather, alternative biofuel price can compete with the carbohydrate one. Marine BioEnergy claims that they took all their predecessors’ failures into account.

The main problem was to regulate the sunlight supply on the surface and nutrients supply at depth. This problem is handled by AI submarines. The devices are also programmed to preserve the harvest during a storm and determine if the material is ready for harvesting.

When growing, algae absorb carbon dioxide like other plants. Scientists from the University of Michigan believe that biofuel can have a harmful effect on the environment releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


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