People want to get food here and now: Trinity Digital founder tells about industry UBERing

12.09.2016 People want to get food here and now: Trinity Digital founder tells about industry UBERing

We talked with Mikhail Vaisman, the founder of Trinity Digital mobile development studio, about developing of cooking mobile applications, their launching at minimum risk, and main trends of this market.

Interviewer: Smart Food & Geek Garden (SE & GO)

Mikhail Vaisman (M.V.)

SE & GO: Many people have heard about the Internet of Thing, but what is the Internet of Food?

M.V.: The concept of the Internet of Food is a maximally simplified cooking model and food delivery. Society has already formed a request for services accelerating all of these processes. We, developers, only have to create them.

SE & GO: What role do mobile applications play in the Internet of Food?

M.V.: More than 70% of people prefer to obtain information through mobile devices. Instead of keeping grandmother’s cook books with tasty and healthy food, one can simply go on the Internet and find a step-by-step video guide and feel like a super cook.

Presenting iPhone 7 on the 7th of September 2016, Apple has stressed an opportunity to make professional photos even without having any photographic skills. The secret of cooking application popularity is the same.

SE & GO: How did it fall out that you started developing applications related with food industry and gastronomy?

M.V.: Yulia Vysotskaya's recipes application was the first one. Like the majority of our projects on the mobile application market, we got a request upon the recommendation of our customers. Yulia Vysotskaya is the undeniable brand. So, when the opportunity to work on such an application appeared, we readily seized this chance.

SE & GO: You have launched an application series including Yulia Vysotskaya's recipes, Yulia Vysotskaya's breakfast recipes, and Yulia Vysotskaya's breakfast recipes for Apple Watch. How successful are such traditional cooking projects?

M.V.: Everyone knows and likes Yulia Vysotskaya, so the project has been initially bound to succeed. It’s not about traditionalism but rather about the application being a support and development of the already existing well-known project.

SE & GO: What other applications has your studio developed for food industry participants?

M.V.: I will speak in a roundabout way. Our Trinity Digital team is trying to make stunning applications, which always requires lots of efforts and time, and such work comes at a price for a customer. On the other hand, we are noticing overall UBERing, including the food industry. People want to get food here and now. They are not ready to wait for an hour as formerly. The recently lunched Hunger Project (lunch delivery in 8 minutes) and some other similar applications show that the market is ready to the new application type.

Thus, we have created the platform called Soul where you can check your hypothesis quickly and cheaply, for instance any food application idea without investing heavily in development.

We have launched Fast application for super-fast pizza delivery as one of platform solutions. It is not tied to a certain pizzeria but based on Uber concept. When you order a taxi using Uber, the nearest driver comes to you: as to Fast, you receive pizza from a vendor who can deliver it faster than others.

SE & GO: Since you have mentioned costs for the development, how profitable is food application creation? And what trends are existing on this market now?

M.V.: There is no unambiguous answer regarding profitability. If you already have a brand, you should definitely make a mobile version of your product. It will be justified. If your project is experimental, you bear risks that the idea will fail. We has developed Soul platform in order to minimize these risks.

Regarding trends, we should expect even greater amount of experimental food projects. Speaking about super-fast delivery, this market is no longer experimental in Russia, at least because such giants as Gett and Uber are launching or going to launch in the nearest time their food delivery projects here.

SE & GO: You will report on Internet of food: global UBERing at Smart Food & Geek Garden conference. In your opinion, how ready is the Russian market to oncoming changes?

M.V.: The market of mobile food projects has been established, with major players entering it. As for new ideas, you can never predict how the market will respond. This is a specific feature of all startups. I hope that such solutions as our platform will allow the market to think about a technical aspect as less as possible and focus on the content!

SE & GO: Many thanks for the interview! We are looking forward to your presentation at Smart Food & Geek Garden.

M.V.: Thanks. See you!

Listen to Mikhail Vaisman’s report on the 4th of November at Smart Food & Geek Garden conference. The speaker will tell how to make money out of the Internet of Food and share secrets of developing successful application for this industry.

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