The best food mobile application

30.08.2016 The best food mobile application

Now you can select appropriate wine to the dish, find a good café in an unknown city, and cook the best steak ever using smartphone. We offer you a collection of the best food applications.


Instafood is based on Instagram: the social network filled with food photos and comments on various dishes.


A nice lunch with friends in café is nearly over – how much tips should each of you leave. Tipulator application will help to determine it. You put in a bill sum, tip rate (for example, 20%), and the application makes all calculations.

Wine and Food

What wine will be appropriate for a certain dish? The application from wine expert Alexey Dmitriev will help to determine a perfect combination. Besides drink selection tips, you can also review video blog posts, telling about special features of various kinds and brands.


Do you arrive to a foreign city and don’t know where to have a snack? Use Foodspotting. Here users leave feedbacks about establishments they have visited, post photos of interior and ordered dishes.

Ginza Delivery System

The application that will help to order restaurant food delivery. It is still available only in St. Petersburg. The application allows to find quickly an appropriate restaurant, check energy value of ordered dishes and use offers and special prices.


20 thousand of recipes from the famous food and restaurant magazine called Afisha-Eda. Besides texts, it includes video guides and tips on working with various goods. Recipes can be added to favourites and you make a shopping list based on them. This list is opened even without Internet connection.


The most ambiguous application of the list. It helps to be sure that there is no food bits in your teeth after lunch. You should just point the camera at your smile, then the program will analyze the image and inform if finds some foreign object. It may be stupidity but Toothpict can be useful before a date or business meeting.

Buy me a pie

If you don’t want to go shopping with a paper buying list, use “Buy me a pie” application. One of the most useful features is the opportunity to make a shopping list along with friends in the real time mode. It is very convenient when planning a collective picnic.

Restaurant phrasebook

If you don’t know what the difference between fettuccini and farfalle is, “Restaurant phrasebook” will throw light on it. Besides a dish dictionary, it has images and tips on wine selection to each dish.

My fitnesspal

A useful application for those who watch their weight and take care of their diet. My fitnesspal calculates how much calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and micro-elements your dish contains.


It is a real encyclopedia of cocktails. Using BarBook, you will be able to make your favourite Manhattan cocktail or find out what each bar menu item holds. 

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