Patty-cakes made from worms are now on sale in Swiss supermarkets

21.08.2017 Patty-cakes made from worms are now on sale in Swiss supermarkets

Patty-cakes and meatballs made from mealworms and vegetables hit the shelves of a Swiss store chain Coop.

The use of insects in the food industry is justified by the fact that eventually humanity will have to switch from animal meat to alternative food sources, which do not harm the environment and nature. Various worms, crickets and grasshoppers are rich in protein, because they can be a good substitute for meat, but the aesthetic side of eating insects remains open.

Essento company decided to see how people will react to the products, which are made with invertebrate arthropod animals. All the more so, as recently Swiss legislation allowed sale of products containing three types of insects: grasshoppers, crickets and mealworm slugs.

The process of making worm patty-cakes actually takes a lot of time and resources. Insects are cultivated under strict control, and only the third generation can be consumed. That is why meatballs are quite pricy - about 550 rubles for just a couple. You can order spaghetti flour for 1300 rubles additionally in the online Essento store.

The startup co-founder, Christian Birch perfected the recipe: in addition to slugs, it now contains rice, vegetables and chili pepper. Burgers went on sale on Monday, August 21.

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