Container farming withstands even hurricanes

24.10.2017 Container farming withstands even hurricanes

Agriculture experts have found that plants grown in container farms using hydroponics technology continue to grow normally after hurricanes.

Unexpectedly for everyone, there was a chance to test container farms’ reliability and stability during the devastating Harvey hurricane that swept near Houston in August. Workers at Acre in a Box farm discovered that despite the huge flooding, and other horrific consequences of Harvey, plants in containers were not affected. This became a real sensation.

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Vertical container crop cultivation with hydroponics use is a farming innovation developed by a Boston company Freight Farms.

The Leafy Green Machine farm from Freight Farms fits in a special cargo container that is 12m long, 2.4m wide, and 3m tall. Using vertical hydroponics technology, people can grow natural products near their houses with minimal effort.

The container farm price is $85 thousand, and its maintenance is going to cost you another $13 thousand every year. But Freight Farms offers profitable financial programs to Leafy Green Machine owners to help them with farm development at the initial stages.


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