Hydroponic strawberries: how to grow them at home

13.07.2016 Hydroponic strawberries: how to grow them at home

Ripe sweet-smelling strawberries are one of the favourite summer dainties for many people. Of course you can buy imported berries in supermarkets throughout the year, but they are often futile and rather expensive. To enjoy your favourite flavour even in wintertime, try growing hydroponic strawberries in your flat.

Hydroponics is a technology of groundless cultivation of plants. You will find more information about it here.

How to choose a strawberry variety and growing medium

If you don’t want to get disappointed with the outcome of your efforts, you should carefully select a strawberry variety. We recommend choosing one of the following varieties:

  • Everbearing: Fresca, the Mount-Everest;
  • Dutch: Gigantella Maxim, Korona, Elvira;
  • Schedraya, Vola, Bogota, Olvia – these varieties also give a good yield.

To grow hydroponic strawberries, you will need a strong growing medium that will allow oxygen to penetrate easily: keramzit, coconut chips, mineral wool.

Two best ways of cultivation

выращивание клубники на гидропонике в домашних условиях

Feed Drip and Nutrient Film Technique systems are an ideal fit for growing strawberries.

The first technique will deliver solution to the rhizosphere with the help of special drippers. Most frequently this technique uses water pumps – they generate pressure needed for delivering water to drippers.

The second technique enables constant circulation of solution in the bottom of the tray. Water pumps are also used in this case. Plant trays contain separate pots or cups, where plants are grown.

It is not recommended to grow strawberry using water-culture technique, when plant roots are always submerged into solution.

Important to note

Several tips on home hydroponics, which will help you to grow big, fast-growing strawberries.

  • Standing solution will do no good for strawberry, it has to circulate.
  • One strawberry bush needs a container with capacity of not less than 3 liters.
  • Optimal temperature at night is 16-18 °C, during the day – 25 °C.
  • Light day for everbearing varieties has to last for 18 hours – day-light lamps are needed to compensate for the lack of the light.

Система гроубокс для домашнего выращивания

If you want to simplify the growing process, you should buy a grow box. Modern devices automatically regulate irrigation frequency, temperature and lighting. You can get acquainted with a variety of grow boxes and ask questions related to cultivation to the experts at the exhibition Smart Food & Geek Garden.

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