Mikhail Vaisman will tell how to make money out of Internet of food

07.09.2016 Mikhail Vaisman will tell how to make money out of Internet of food

“The world is rapidly UBERing”, Mikhail Vaisman, the head of Trinity Digital mobile development studio, is sure about that. At Smart Food & Geek Garden conference, he will tell how to make money out of this area.

Mikhail Vaisman graduated from MSU, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. He has been involved in the development professionally since 2004. In 2013, he founded his own mobile development studio called Trinity Digital that got in the TOP 10 best developers in Moscow. Among others, he developed applications for simplifying cooking processes and fast delivery of food.

November 18, Mikhail Vaisman will share his successful experience with the audience of Smart Food & Geek Garden conference.

The report of his topic: Internet of food: global UBERing. The speaker will tell:

  • how food service industry market is changing;
  • about certain cases of developing mobile applications for the Internet of food;
  • Stories of successes and failures of developed applications.

Intriguing, Mikhail doesn’t reveal all major topics of his presentation: “I will only tell that the report will be in the spirit of our times and the rest information you will find out at the event. So come.”

Smart Food & Geek Garden will include reports of the best speakers on the food industry future and the most relevant issues!

You can find more information about the conference and buy a ticket here.  

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