How to establish food startup from the scratch? Learn from Mabius founders!

01.11.2016 How to establish food startup from the scratch? Learn from Mabius founders!

Entering the market is not an easy task for new companies, because frequently startupers don’t have large sums and administration experience. Business incubators can help them. Representatives of one of such incubators, Mabius, will speak at Smart Food & Digital Farm conference. They will tell how to establish your own startup from the scratch.

Mabius is the first Russian business incubator developing cooking projects. It helps to set up in business or improve already existing one. Prospective projects can obtain here up to 30 million rubles for development.

November 4, 2016, Andrey Ryvkin and Alexander Kiselev, Mabius representatives, will speak at SЕ & DF conference.

Presentation will reveal the following issues

Andrey and Alexander will make a presentation on the topic: Food incubators of Russia, the USA, England, and Canada: how they work and help to enter the market. Speakers will reveal the following issues:

  • experience of food incubators in different countries;
  • national specificity of food incubators;
  • how they help young companies to enter the market.

Speakers have been personally involved in research tours on food incubators of different countries and can give an expert analysis of their operations.

After the presentation, you will be able to put questions regarding cooperation conditions to Andrey and Alexander.

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