How do technologies influence our preferences?

20.06.2017 How do technologies influence our preferences?

Every day it is getting easier to order food delivery: you can do it via chatbots, during Twitch broadcast or even with the help of you sneakers’ box.

The research (2014) showed that every eighth American citizen eats pizza every day because it isn’t difficult to order it. Lots of local cafes and restaurants adjust to a plenty of channels. But how does it affect our preferences in food?

It used to be different: you come home hungry, open a fridge and see a piece of raw meat, cheese and tomatoes. Then you have to cook something but what? In the past, people watched cookery shows such as the British “Ready Steady Cook” (which lasted for 16 years) to solve such problems. And now shopping and cooking are a kind of outsourcing.

If you can order food in a couple of minutes and it is delivered in half an hour, why to worry about cooking? So, pizza delivery is not about our preferences in food but about comfort. We make our lives easier but at the same time limit ourselves.

Scientists have recently started teaching artificial intelligence to analyze products in the fridge and offer recipes basing on these ingredients. But these technologies haven’t become popular yet.

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