How to select individual menu for each restaurant visitor

12.09.2016 How to select individual menu for each restaurant visitor

Nowadays, restaurants try to offer visitors useful menu but each organism can respond differently to the same dish. The latest diagnostic methods will help to create individual recommendations for each guest. Such a diagnostics can be conducted right in the restaurant. Vitaliy Baranov, the resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center, will tell how to implement this idea.

The topic of his report: Healthy restaurant. Method, establishment, technologies of determining healthy food.

Speaker’s report will be dedicated to capillary spectrometry method: diagnostics of human health and metabolic processes using noninvasive method. Implementation of such a service will help restaurants:

  • to offer individually selected menu for each visitor;
  • to present themselves as an establishment with healthy food;
  • to distinguish themselves from competitors;
  • to attract new visitors.

The condition of metabolic processes directly influences human lifespan, thus their analysis will be popular. Besides, diagnostics will be fast and painless for a visitor.

Individual selection of dishes for each guest is the future of restaurant business! At Smart Food & Geek Garden, the speaker will not only provide theory but also present technology of conducting this diagnostics. His report will be a ready-to-use guidance.

We invite everyone involved in the food industry to Sokolniki on 4 November. You will hear reports of the best experts in order to be always one step ahead of competitors.

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