Ionitoponics: one more growing technique

13.01.2017 Ionitoponics: one more growing technique

Ionitoponics technology originated more than thirty years ago. Generally, it is used to grow ornamental plants, but it also has a high potential in home gardening.

Ionitoponics involves various ion-exchanged synthetic materials as substrates: tar, filaments, felt. These materials are usually mixed with sand or fine crushed clay pebbles.

The technology is based on the exchange of ions between a plant and substrate. A growing process doesn’t require any additional nutrient liquids; regular watering with common tap water is enough. A plant obtains all required elements while emitting breakdown products during the living process.

The ion exchange process is conducted in the aquatic environment. What is required is just regular watering. A change rate of the substrate depends on its variety: each 2-3 years or 5-6 months (for one of the most popular Lewatit HD 50 substrates). However, it should be borne in mind that ion-exchanged materials are quite expensive.

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