IKEA presented its kitchen of the future

11.07.2016 IKEA presented its kitchen of the future

Developers from IKEA and IDEO presented their common project – kitchen of the future. Companies believe that in 10 years all necessary functions will be performed by smart table surface. It will be able to act as a cooker, cutting board and interactive display for games. User interaction will get simpler thanks to the projector, which will bring up images on it.

What can smart surface do?

  • Recognize products, which you put on it, and provide recommendations on their combinability and further processing.
  • Measure the required amount of ingredients thanks to embedded censors.
  • Warm up any table area to the needed temperature – no matter where you put your saucepan or frying pan.
  • Interacting with your smartphone that stores recipes, it can offer an appropriate recipe and assess cooking time.
  • Maintain required temperature of the surface to keep your tea or coffee warm.
  • Serve for wireless charging of mobile devices.

IKEA believes that the method of products delivery will also be changed by 2025 – drones will be in charge of it. Technologies contributing to energy saving and edible wastes reduction will become widespread.

Currently smart table surface is represented as a concept. But you will be able to look at existing innovative developments at Smart Food & Geekn Garden exhibition.

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