Foodtech. What’s in the USA that’s not in Russia?

27.06.2017 Foodtech. What’s in the USA that’s not in Russia?

Billions of dollars are invested in the world foodtech industry every year. New food services and apps appear almost every day. Russia is also involved in the industry but the title of a foodtech mecca belongs to the USA. So, what’s there in the West which doesn’t exist in our country?

  • Preorder in a restaurant

In the USA, there are dozens of apps allowing you to make a preorder in a restaurant to come at the moment when the dish is ready. This model has already become trendy. Instead of waiting for an order for 30-40 minutes, a client can choose a dish and pay for it in advance. It will not only save time but also increase the amount of visits.

  • Smoothie stores

In the West there are services delivering all necessary ingredients for a smoothie to your house. The segment doesn’t exist in Russia. In order to make an order, a client needs to choose a drink and all the components will be delivered to your place in a short period of time.

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  • Catering

Yes, there are catering companies in Russia but they aren’t as popular as in the USA. You need to choose a number of guests and cuisine. Sometimes, subscription for a month (or more) is available.

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  • Individual diet

The US have numerous services providing food for any diet: vegetarianism, veganism, raw foodism and even paleolithic diets. More often than not, these services offer subscription for a week or a longer period – in this case food delivery and the dish itself will be cheaper. There are such companies in Russia but they provide services only in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

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  • Liquid food

Liquid meal replacements are actively used by businessmen and businesswomen in the USA. They rarely have time to eat in peace, not to speak about cooking. These services prepare dry mixes which should be dissolved in water. They contain all necessary nutritional substances. After such a cocktail, a person is full. Unfortunately, these services exist only in the largest Russian cities.

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