FreshBox Farms focus on quantity, not technologies

17.07.2017 FreshBox Farms focus on quantity, not technologies

FreshBox Farms is a network of vertical farms that specializes not in a technological process but growing the biggest possible quantity of products.

“We don’t make a great deal of efforts to establish lighting at every nook and cranny or introduce cutting-edge technologies. We just grow the biggest possible number of plants,” says the Head of the FreshBox parent company Sonya Lu.

FreshBox grows its plants in cargo containers with the help of hydroponics and uses new technologies as long as they appear. There are 15 operating containers at the Massachusetts farm that can produce 250 kg of vegetables per day. Each container is designed for specific products with all necessary conditions.

The FreshBox network is planned to be expanded up to 25 farms in the U. S. It is anticipated that each of them will produce 1-3 t of plants per day.

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