A new lease of life for farming

06.10.2016 A new lease of life for farming

Jim Rogers, a popular American investor and financier, has announced that in the near future farming – food production in particular – will become a very profitable sphere. That is why it is worth investing in farming right now.

A famous proverb “every cloud has a silver lining” precisely describes the processes taking place in food industry over the last years almost in the whole world.

Food shortage is the problem faced primarily by countries with the highest levels of natural increase. Moreover, farming has been a very unprofitable business over the last 30 years. With the number of rural people declining there are fewer farmers left.

However, the situation is rapidly changing. Even large agricultural companies find it more difficult to satisfy growing needs of population. They are unable to provide everyone with high-quality food products.

It is expected that farming will manage to solve the problem. Farm production is not only food but also a biofuel which is gradually used in the entire world.

American farmers are more successful than their foreign colleagues because they actively introduce numerous innovations in manufacture. For example, the use of fewer pesticides and less water during planting with the help of GPS positively affects productivity. Taking into account the increase in food prices the project is profitable. It will not only enrich an entrepreneur but also help to solve the problem of growing demand for foodstuff. 

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