No magic, just aquaponics. Building a domestic garden with the Aquapioneers Ecosystem manual

07.07.2017 No magic, just aquaponics. Building a domestic garden with the Aquapioneers Ecosystem manual

The Aquapioneers Ecosystem startup has published a file with drawings to help you build a domestic aquaponics garden.

All you need to do is to cut out necessary plywood elements, assemble them and buy a small aquarium.

Authors of the project think that aquarium fish create all conditions for the fast growth of plants. You don’t need to use innovative technologies, order sensors and implement machine learning. It is enough just to assemble a simple farm from plywood elements created by the drawings.

Inhabitants of Spain and other European countries can use a searching service of the nearest workshop where the farm of any size can be assembled.

The operating principle of the aquaponics garden is based on a closed cycle technology: microorganisms process fish products into fertilizers later absorbed by plant roots. There are LED lights installed above the bed, making plants to grow more quickly. It is recommended to put seven or more fish into the aquarium – goldfish or guppy.

Invention testing has shown that the aquaponics garden saves approximately 90% of water, thus making plants grow two times more quickly. It took the authors of the idea a month to grow lettuce, though usually it is harvested seven weeks after planting.

The goal of the project is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make the technology of healthy food planting available. Small farms occupy little space. They can be installed directly in shops, so there would be no need to deliver greens anymore. It is guaranteed that a similar construction will be eco-friendly.


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