Benefit café, “chocolate” 3D printer and three gadgets: food industry surprises

15.12.2016 Benefit café, “chocolate” 3D printer and three gadgets: food industry surprises

Our review will present you the most interesting news from the food industry world. Read about the opening of a café for homeless people, “chocolate” printer appreciated by the royal family, and new gadgets.

Café for homeless people was opened in Madrid

Robin Hood café was opened in Madrid. It is an ordinary establishment in the daytime but in the evening it brings together homeless and poor people to eat for free.

Robin Hood is a new initiative of the charity organization called Mensajeros de la Paz (Messengers of Piece). Profit obtained by lunches and breakfasts of common customers are spent to pay for dinners for homeless people. The project is aiming not only to feed poor people but also to return them self-respect and allow to be in culture environment.

King and Queen of Belgium appreciated “chocolate” 3D printer

Barry Callebaut, Belgium chocolate manufacturer, along with byFlow, Holland 3D printing company, made a chocolate 3D printer. The King and Queen of Belgium were ones of the first to appreciate its prototype.

Barry Callebaut representative notices that the use of food 3D printers will allow the company to combine traditions of producing excellent chocolate with the latest technologies.

Ecomo bottle will help to check quality of drinking water

It has become much easier to assess the quality of drinking water due to Ecomo bottle. It is equipped with a test system activated by simple shaking. If pollution is detected, filtering system starts operating. Obtained data are transferred via Bluetooth to the owner’s phone.

To release Ecomo, developers launched the project on Kickstarter that collected 430 thousand dollars instead of planned 50 thousand.

Cheese gun” by Fondoodler: play with food

Lovers of cheese and unusual kitchen gadgets should like Fondoodler’s “cheese gun”. The device allows to decorate prepared dishes with melted cheese, stick together sandwich layers and build houses of cookies tighten by cheese; you can see all of these things on the manufacturer’s official website. Developers call to play with food and tell that their device has finally brought together art and cheese.

Breathe out – AIRE will perform diagnosis

AIRE is a digestive tracker from FoodMarble startup. It will help to analyze a digestion process and avoid indigestion or abdominal distention. And all these don’t require gastroenterologist’s appointment.

It is very simple to use: you bring AIRE to the mouth, breathe out and receive analysis in the application on the smartphone. Thus, you should select the most appropriate products and dispel doubts if you eat something strange.

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