Belgian robot for harvesting strawberries

19.10.2016 Belgian robot for harvesting strawberries

Scientists from Belgian company Octinion have presented results of three-year long efforts – a robot for harvesting strawberries in greenhouses. In terms of functionality, this robot excels a human being according to all parameters: it can work day and night with high productivity (24 kg as against 12-20 kg of strawberries harvested by human).

Robot picks berries from below, plucks them and puts on a loading platform. Developers are planning to teach robot to mark unripe berries in order to provide information regarding during what period of time they should be harvested.

Most probably, robot will function on the basis of the Dribble system. It includes a mobile application and beacons that will help the robot to orient in space.

It will go for sale in 2018.

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