5 amazing food innovations that you can try right now

23.01.2017 5 amazing food innovations that you can try right now

We will not look into the distant future and will not talk about innovations that are not available yet – we will talk about food industry innovations, which are already available for trying.


This device offers a new way of drinking alcohol. Now you can ... breathe it in through a straw. The Vapshot device converts alcohol into steam for few seconds - the manufacturer claims that this way its savor tastes much better.

Vapshot - новый способ употребления спиртных напитков

Thompson & Morgan

The company introduced a unique plant called TomTato, which can yield tomatoes and potatoes at the same time. Tubers grow underground, while tomatoes grow on the surface.

Thompson & Morgan гибридное растение TomTato


Developed by Harvard professor, this inhaler invigorates better than a cup of coffee. One click and you inhale 100 mg of pure caffeine.

AeroLife ингалятор


Another solution for those who need to perk up. The company has developed a chewing Go Cubes. Each of them contains as much caffeine as 1/2 cup of coffee does.

Nootrobox жевательные кубики Go Cubes


This fully automated restaurant was opened in San Francisco. You choose a dish from the menu by using a tablet and in few minutes, a robot-waiter brings it to you. The significant success of the restaurant pushed its founders to consider opening another one in New York City.

ресторан полного самообслуживания Eatsa

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