4 ideas for food crowdfunding

10.08.2016 4 ideas for food crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is gradually coming into the Russian market. The model, where project initiators raise monetary contributions from a large number of people, has proved effective. We introduce 4 perspective ideas which can be used while engaging in the crowdfunding platforms.

  1. Farming projects

They attract people’s attention because of the tendency towards healthy lifestyle and ecologically clean products. Large retail chains are no longer viewed as a single place for shopping – people prefer private farms. According to statistics, such projects are more interesting to middle class.

  1. Improved delivery

Of course, we’re talking not about the usual food delivery from a restaurant. Follow innovative projects – they attracted record-breaking investments last year. Examples of bright ideas include the delivery of accurately measured ingredients for preparing a particular dish (for those who like cooking but live under time pressure) or the delivery of daily menu for healthy nutrition.

  1. Food festivals

They are popular within the community, and restaurants have the opportunity to demonstrate their products’ quality. Why not to think about the organization of theme festival in your city?

  1. Books about food

One would think, they should have been replaced by the Internet recipes, but it didn’t happen. Thanks to beautiful design, elaborate structure and presentable appearance, it is pleasant to give them as a present or put them on the shelf at your place.

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