3D printers for meat processing: future of farmers

05.05.2017 3D printers for meat processing: future of farmers

Monash University in Australia presented opportunities of 3D printer for meat.

byFlow’s device turned slabs of second-quality beef into medallions. According to Michael, a manager at Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), food printing significantly increases business opportunities and potential income.

The fact is that a lot of farms are currently processing second-quality meat into minced meat, which adversely affects the product price. This minced meat is cheaply bought up by such major public catering networks as McDonald`s.

If farmers can convert second-rate meat into steaks, economical efficiency of product processing will rapidly grow.

Besides, MLA specialists believe that artificial meat will be also quite popular in the near future and it could be made using a 3D printer. It is increasing availability and taste improvement that will influence the adoption of this product.

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