Aeroponics is the process of growing plants without the use of soil. It may sound weird, but this method is quite effective for some plant species.

The method implies that plants are kept in an air environment, and their roots are spraying with special solutions, i.e. nutrient-rich water solution is transformed into aerosolic mist.

In such a way root system gets more air, improving plants’ fertility. Aeroponic system may be built on small shelves, connected to nutrient delivery system. Thus, plants may hang almost everywhere. Unlike hydroponics, which uses mineral- and nutrient-reach water as a substrate for plant growing, aeroponic method does not involve the use of soil substrate.

Moreover, scientists have found that such cultivation method is also the most productive one. Firstly, when using aeroponics yield is much higher, and secondly, plants need less moisture compared to growing in soil. It is due to the fact that when spraying liquid directly on the roots, it is absorbed faster and more efficiently.

Future belongs to aeroponics

The method is based on the assumption that first of all plants need air rather than soil. However, they won’t survive without nutritional chemicals. That is why in order to provide the plant with all necessary macro elements that are received from soil, the special solution is used. One should remember that without this solution plants will die, that is why it is recommended to use automatic spraying system.

Main advantages of aeroponics:

  • possibility to grow several crops per year;
  • no need in fertilizers;
  • saving of liquid for irrigation;
  • space-saving;
  • ease of cultivation.

Aeroponics system

In order to use aeroponics at home, one should buy special automatic systems. It will determine time and intensity of crops spaying. So that, you’ll get fully autonomous system for plant growing.

The price of this system may vary greatly depending on its complexity and size.

Aeroponics is a very efficient, fast and convenient method of growing fresh vegetables at your window-ledge without soil, chemicals, and irrespective of climate conditions.

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